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In 1997 our family enjoyed a very nice vacation at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida. We returned home 5/31/97. The MGB was listed in our local newspaper "The Tuscaloosa News". On June 1st (my wife Joanne's birthday) I saw the car for the first time. The owner Tommy Vaught had already begun the restoration process. The car was taken apart with parts in several boxes. The body was ready for stripping of paint and repair. The engine would need much work as it was totally locked up. The transmission looked OK but would require thorough inspection. The asking price was $1250.00. I thought about it for a week and returned on June 7, 1997. We settled on a price of  $1025.00 and the car was mine.  The car was loaded on to a trailer and I took her home. This is how she looked then......

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